Coding Games and Projects

I’ve learned to love coding in the same way I love writing in the code known as the English language. It’s a beautiful use of symbols meant to convey meaning, in this case, to a machine which translates the code into useful action.

Archived here are some games and projects I’ve created as part of my own code writing education.

WordPress Sites

This site you are reading was created entirely by me using WordPress, and I have another, less developed site that I’m using to promote another ‘brand’ which will be a book eventually. It’s called Clockblockers.

Python Games

Classic arcade games and card games are part of Rice University’s 1st Year Computer Science program. They use a web based execution module called Codeskulper and Python to teach various concepts and then put them in to practice. I took the series via Coursera.

Note that these games can’t be played on a mobile device since they rely on keyboard input and they also won’t play using IE. A desktop computer is mandatory and the Chrome browser is recommended.

PONG – Here is the classic arcade game Pong which can be played with one or two players.


ASTROIDS – Asteroids is another arcade classic and this version allows you to select your own soundtrack. Click ‘Play’ to start, not the space bar.


BLACKJACK – Take a little trip back to Vegas with the Rat Pack and play a few hands of the classic card game. Watch out because the ‘House’ almost always wins! Vegas wasn’t built on winners, baby.

The Rat Pack

THE MEMORY GAME – Match the numbers as they appear on the screen and try to minimize the number of turns it takes to complete the board. Only matches will stay visible so when you see a number you’ve seen before, go back and click on the square that has that number.


2048 – Coming soon

ZOMBIE CHASER – Coming soon


Full Stack Development

I’ve worked my way through Angela Yu’s very comprehensive 400+ hour Full Stack course and created these projects.

The basics of HTML and CSS led me to create this simple HTML and CSS only site here. This will become my developer site soon.

This is a little stupid dice game which uses a really simple JavaScript file to drive the results of the roll of a dice between Connor McGregor and Leonardo DiCaprio. Reload to roll over and over.

Here is the Bootstrap lesson for a fake dog dating site called Tin Dog. I’m working on a much more sophisticated Bootstrap restaurant site which will be wrapped up soon.

This is a little bit more complex JavaScript project that created a drum kit.

Now this is a bit more interesting use of JavaScript. It’s a Simon game that tests your memory.

API development and newsletter sign up. I call it Lorum Ipsom, check it out here.

OK, now we’re getting into Node.js sites. Here is a simple To-Do list that can be added to or subtracted from easily.