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It is available on Kindle right now here. The print version is available here.

“Loners” is a collection of short stories about single men struggling to find their place in a world where the social compact between men and women is destroyed and purpose is difficult to find. These are men displaced by events and the times. They are men who fit no metro sexual template and are not caricature men of action. They are men who have to go it alone, find their own path, and accept the world that makes nothing easy for them.

Many of the stories feature a recurring character named Nick. Nick is modeled loosely on the Hemingway character of Nick Adams, and the stories are written in a similar style as homage to the master short story teller. These stories chronicle Nick’s path through adolescence, first sexual experiences, early adulthood and finally through marriage, kids and divorce. From his childhood in the early sixties to his adulthood in a workplace increasingly dominated by women, Nick’s path is shown in glimpses that advance the reader through the major phases of his life.

The Citizen’s Guide to Essential American History

This is the best one volume history of the United States you will ever read! It is for sale now, and I’m quite proud of it. If you want to learn how all the pieces of American history fit together, this is the book for you. It’s 214 pages of compressed learning about the United States and how this incredible country developed. It’s all here, the good and bad, and an educated citizen should know these things so educated decisions can be made. It’s easier to predict things in the future of you know the past, and so for anyone who is a little sketchy on US history, here is your chance to catch up.

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