Published Articles and Stories

Feature Articles

I’ve written content for many publications, from glossy coffee table magazines to trade publications to the largest news organizations in Houston (KPRC and the Houston Chronicle).

For the Houston Chronicle:

Eric Garcia’s golden door to ultimate fighter fame and the UFC

For Houston City Book

West World

Fifty Shades of Courage

Fight Club

Sports Reporting for KPRC

Houston is a fight-obsessed town with a deep pool of talented fighters, trainers, gyms, and a regular schedule of fighting events. Such sports include boxing, MMA, Ju Jitzu, Muy Thai and a few others. I try to cover as many as I can and all the stories and images presented here are free for any publication to use and re-use as long as I receive proper credit.


Cage Combat 27

Cage Combat 25

Fury Fighting 12

Grappling Grand Prix 2016

2016 NAGA Lonestar Grappling Championships

Legacy Fights 55

for Ageist Magazine

Wasted On Our Youth: Is It Time To Look at Psychedelics Again?

for Written By

The Final Act of Film Distribution

Content Marketing

I’ve created several online articles for organizations that need strong content to educate potential customers and enhance their site SEO.

FOR VISIT BIG BEND: Big Bend in Full

FOR REVOLUTION DOJO: The Next Layer of Fitness


FOR VISIT BIG BEND: A River Worthy Of Its Name

FOR VISIT BIG BEND: The Lost Mine Trail Experience

FOR DATA GUMBO: When A Database Isn’t The Right Tool For The Job

FOR DATA GUMBO: Is Your Upstream Process Blockchain Ready?

Print Reporting

For several years, I covered news business openings for the Pensacola News Journal, a Florida-based Gannett newspaper.

Gracey’s Flighties

New Marble Slab Creamery


I wrote a regular column in the INWeekly, a Florida-based Alt-Weekly newspaper seen throughout North Florida. The column was called Screenshots and it was stories about the film and TV industries. Here are a few samples. Note that the online version of this site has been revamped and the dates they have assigned are incorrect.

Narnia A Hit

Ken Burns on WW2

David Mamet’s “Redbelt”

Superhero Shoot Out: DC v Marvel

Various Essays

I’ve written quite a few think pieces and they’ve been published and re-published in several places. Here are a few recent efforts.

What I Tell My Teenage Son To Say If He Has To Talk To The Police

Who Rosa Parks Isn’t

Outer Strength to Inner Character

What The Hipsters Know

For Coursera:

I’ve updated my education using the Coursera platform and here is some of my academic work created to earn those certifications:

For the University of Michigan Journalism Certificate: The Games People Play

For the IBM Data Science Certificate: HEB Expansion to New York City

White Papers

I’ve written many academic works, not all of which I still have. Here are White Papers created as part of my sales and marketing jobs:

Well Control Insurance – Download this paper

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