This series uses movies as a gateway to understanding the world

A Clockwork Orange – The dystopian future as seen from 1971 looks a lot like the seventies but also right now. Stanley Kubrick made one for the ages some 50 years ago.

Reds and the Art Beyond Propaganda – Reds and Dead Man Walking are so good that they undermine the message of the directors who made them.

The Chinese ‘Century of Humiliation’ and today – The Last Emperor captures a world the Chinese will never forget.

Black movies, Black music, Black culture, Blackness – Soul Food or Three Strikes; what defines black culture?

Coming of Age with Magic Mike – Steven Soderbergh -s the other towering Steven of American film making and Magic Mike is one of his best films.

Woody Allen v. The Banality of Evil – Woody Allen is gone but his many films, including Crimes and Misdemeanors, films live on as masterpieces that dig deep into the human heart.

Red Dawn Gets Its Foreign Policy Back – A glib joke by President Obama in 2012 becomes a prophecy.

The Crying Game and the Big Lie – Trans seen from three decades back.

Other Essays

A Crisis Of Legitimacy – On nearly every social metric, the United States in particular and the Western World in general is becoming more of a hollow shell

Lincoln v Douglas – Lincoln’s 212 birthday recently passed, and I thought of his ideas about how my English and German ancestors were both free even though they were considered separate races at one time. Under the American system, we have embraced that ‘all men are created equal’ and we are pushing the boundaries of those ideas further than any nation or people on earth.