Outside of smoking cigarettes, few things you can do to yourself are as damaging as carrying pounds your body doesn’t want and doesn’t need. Carrying extra body fat is called obesity and it is not hard to define. Anyone can find themselves on a Body Mass Index (BMI) chart.

All you have to know is your height and weight, and then find yourself on the chart posted here. And don’t fool yourself; if this chart marks you as overweight, you are overweight! Turning away from the facts doesn’t change them:

The world is getting fatter and so the average BMI is going up. The health consequences are dire; shorter, painful lives that end in darkness and painful medical procedures.  The causes of obesity are well known, but in a strange and inexplicable way, hidden and obscured. This short series of essays address the basics and accepted science of obesity.

No one has to be fat, but to address the epidemic of obesity, the facts must be available, known, and accepted. Most of the information in this series I took from an excellent book called Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes. This book should be a part of every healthy person’s library. I have summarized his findings, added a few other definitions, and put in some bonus media and YouTube vides that should drive home exactly how and why the world’s population is getting fatter, sicker, and dying sooner.

The world has more miracles in store for all humans to enjoy. Don’t miss it! Adjust your diet and lifestyle and live.

Banting – How a fat undertaker in Britain wrote the first popular diet book and proved that cutting carbs works every time.

Civilization – In every society where modernity disrupted the food supply of natives, disease and disaster followed as day follows night.

Insulin – The tragedy of diabetes led doctors to discover the glucose and insulin cycle which also explains weight gain.

The War on Fat – Few things are as destructive in our world as ‘consensus science’ that will not consider alternative explanations.

Ketones, Glucagon, Muscle, and Fat – Understanding the body’s response to food.

Ketosis and Ketoacidosis – Hunter-gatherer societies defined how the body would react to varying food sources. Humans had to live on what was available.

Hyper and Hypo-palatable; Highjacking Evolution – The food industry serves us what we crave and the medical establishment counters by telling us to eat food we hate. This will not work.

Fiber – Fiber, (or fibre) is the indigestible part of food that is often in vegetable matter. But, does it matter and does eating carbohydrates with lots of fiber make any difference? Faced with the immovable theories around dietary fat, Denis Burkitt tried to prove that fiber in the diet was the answer to rising disease.

Exercise – Coming soon

To Live or Die – Coming soon