Who The Hell Is Billy Bush?


Before today, I was unaware of a person by the name of Billy Bush. And, now I know; in additional to being the person on the Trump tape where Trump talks about how fame gives one access to more sex, even with married women, he’s a member of the political Bush family.

His Uncle is President Bush, the one that was VP under Reagan, and so his cousin is President Bush, the one that inspired the SNL sketch that gave us the word “strategery.”

Since I don’t know who he is, or at least didn’t before today, I can only state that he has at least one virtue that is apparent; at least he is not another Kennedy.

It is very unhealthy for a country to get bound up in a given family, as the United States is now doing. How much leadership talent was squandered and lost because we kept electing Kennedy family members to positions of power, no matter how debauched their behavior? How much real news was displaced by meaningless and lurid Kennedy news?

What does the Bush family have that anyone should consider promoting them endlessly, through the generations? And for the love of God, what do the Clintons have? NBC News hired Chelsea Clinton to report even though she had virtually no experience. Kennedy family members have been put in charge of all manner of things based on name alone and surely Billy Bush used his name to advance his career, which landed him the interview with Trump.

Due to his 11-year-old interview with Trump, it is said the family “brand” is damaged. What did the brand stand for again? I can’t remember. He says he was young and didn’t realize he shouldn’t play along, though he was 34 at the time. Billy, when you’re 34 and a married father of two kids, you are old enough to know better.

Famous people are famous, and that is it. Whatever brought them to fame usually does not translate to other venues and skill sets. And people who are famous for being something they were born to, and did not earn, should be held to a higher, not lower standard of performance.

Or, we could hand ourselves back over to the British. The royals are positively quaint by the standard of loutish famous Americans of our day. How much worse off could we do with Prince William?