What To Make Of Bob Lazar

Assuming that Bob Lazar is telling the truth, how many people know about alien space craft that the US federal government has in hangers in the Nevada desert? 250? 1000? The way Lazar recounts his bizarre tale, it’s a rather large number given that he says we have nine craft in our possession and that teams of people were trying to reverse engineer the technology in the late 1980s, possibly before and after, and further, on occasion, some of those people were taking the space craft out of the hangers and flying them around.

So, how many would it take to carry on such an operation? At least 500, one would think, and given such a number, what are the chances that only one, Bob Lazar, chose to speak out about it? I think the chances are very small; it is my assumption that humans are not good about keeping public secrets, and most conspiracy theories are utter bunk.

But still, there is Bob Lazar and his story, and the very convincing way he tells it. It is full of incredible details, and the fact that he has not altered his story or really garnered much profit (in terms of money) from it is telling. In short, if you hear Bob tell the story, it’s freaking convincing as hell, or it was to me, and as noted, I’m highly skeptical of elaborate conspiracy theories.

I became aware of Bob Lazar when he made an appearance on the Joe Rogan Podcast, and that was done in support of a documentary about him and his story. Both the podcast and the doc explore his tale.

Bob says he was a young scientist recruited to work on an unnamed project in Nevada, on a part of what is famously known as Area 51, and while there, he was brought into contact with machines that are traveling devices so advanced that they could not have been built by humans. These are actual flying saucers, and in Area 51 hangers, nine craft are being stored and explored. Teams work in shifts studying these machines and each team works more or less in isolation.

How do they work? Lazar doesn’t know exactly but he says they have some sort of reactors or devices that can produce gravity waves. The crafts are not large and have no visible wiring and are not made of conventional metal. They have multiple of these reactor devices that when triggered, produce a sort of anti-gravity repelling factor that can keep one from touching it, much like if one tries to put two same side magnets together. The magnets create an invisible repelling effect, but Lazar says the alien tech can do this, not with magnets, but with artificially induced gravity. With gravity, Bob says, one can propel at high speed, bend light, and even effect time. Gravity machines are all powerful, and whoever has them could easily rule this world and possibly others.

And that fact, the all powerful nature of the technology, is one of the reasons Lazar and those who believe him, claim that they are being kept hidden and secret. He went public with his story and claims to have been harassed by the government ever since.

So, why not believe Bob Lazar? Well, there are a couple of issues. Bob claims to be been educated at MIT and CalTech, but those schools say they have no record of his time there. Bob claims, conveniently, that his records were expunged by the government in retaliation for speaking about his experience. Right after coming out about his experience, Bob was arrested for running a prostitution ring. He confessed to the lesser charge of pandering. So, basically, Bob has a lot of holes in his story, but again, Bob Lazar as a pimp seems impossible as well; he’s an old school geek.

But wow, Bob tells it convincingly, and frankly, many people, myself including, believe that it is a mathematical certainty that there is life elsewhere in the universe. It is not unreasonable to believe that they may have technology different than ours. As Bob says, they may not have ever passed through the phase of propulsion we have where we burn stuff and squirt it out the back to go forward. There may be something about the other worlds that allowed their early technology to be based on the control of gravity. Who knows? At some point in an infinite universe, nearly everything could be true.

The Joe Rogan interview can be seen here:

Recent, Joe interviewed a navy pilot who also had an experience and is highly credible. Really interesting.