Maintaining a narrative flow over a long writing cycle is a real challenge. Many people who want to write but never complete anything substantial simply lack the discipline it takes to stick with a subject hour after hour, day after day after week and so forth until a single work has been in the making for years.

I’ve struggled with developing that kind of discipline, but I’ve been able to produce many longer form works and have many more in the making.

Given my background in film, much of my longer form content has been screen plays. I’ve written many, they have been positively reviewed and often led to work as a screen writer, as detailed on my film work page. Given how many periods I’ve covered in my script work, I’ve maintained that a person could get a damned fine course in US history just be reading my unproduced scripts!

Here are a few samples with available .PDF downloads:


Logline – In Old Texas, an opium-addicted Irishman tries to free two sisters captured by the Comanche before a full scale war erupts between the Comanche and the TexansDownload THE IRISHMAN


Logline – A boy washes ashore on a mysterious island after being lost at sea and discovers that the island is ruled by a wizard and a witch, both of whom he must meet in order to get home. – Download THE WIZARD OF OZ


Logline – An aging writer and his friends are pursued across the country by killers after they inadvertently steal cash and jewelry from a mysterious investor. – Download ROAD TRIPPIN’