ON THIS DAY – Critical milestones in history

FEB 6, 1952 – George the 6th dies, Elizabeth the 2nd rises – The current occupant to the British throne was set on the path to power when her dad died in 1952. If her son, Charles, becomes King, the long saga that began with Henry the 8th, will end.

APRIL 15, 1865 – President Lincoln shot and killed in a tough day for the Booth family – Assassins have changed the course of American history over and over. It is no wonder current presidents travel in a cloud of metal and men with guns.

APRIL 25, 1967 – General Westmoreland Observes That Viet-Cong Has Allies in the United States – Our enemies know us much better than we know them.

MAY 5, 1961 – The Sputnik Response – “We do these things because they are hard,” was Pres Kennedy’s call to the nation after the Russians reached space first.

JUNE 5, 1968 – Robert Kennedy Assassinated – In the annus horribilis of 1968, the little brother to President John Kennedy was killed by an assassin from the Middle East. It was the end of one era and the opening of another, as well as another grim step on the painful path trod by the Kennedy family.

JUNE 13, 1967 – Thurgood Marshall Takes a Seat – Decades ago, the United States elevated a black lawyer to the highest court.

JUNE 20, 1865 – Juneteenth – The war was over, slavery was ended, and word finally reached Texas.

JULY 3, 1863 – Picketts’ Charge – Gettysburg was the battle that sealed the fate of the Confederacy, and Pickett’s suicidal charge was what determined the outcome of the battle. This charge is linked to the end of slavery and the defeat of the South.

JULY 4, 1776 – America Declares Independence From Monarchal Rule – This is the right day to celebrate the founding and here is why.

JULY 16, 1945 – First Nuclear Explosion Called Trinity – The bomb was tested in New Mexico, and then a few weeks later, copies were dropped on Japan, which ended the war.

JULY 20, 1969 – Humans Reach The Moon – The achievement of the Americans who reached the moon will stand for all time as a monument to human ingenuity.

JULY 30, 1945 – The USS Indianapolis Sunk – The USS Indianapolis shark story is part legend, but also mostly true.

AUGUST 8, 1974 – Nixon Resigns from the Presidency – thus sealing the fate of South Vietnam.

AUGUST 9, 1969 – Manson Family Murders – An inexplicable series of murders revealed a cult of killers in the long summer of 1969.

AUGUST 15, 1969 – Woodstock Begins – Just weeks after the moon landings, the culture dominance of the Boomers was made evident at a muddy field in upstate New York.

SEPTEMBER 9, 1976 – Mao Dies – Mao Zedong was born in 1893 into a China that was still ruled by kings, but the China he left behind was ruled by an entirely different kind of autocrat, and it’s the one the world lives with today.

OCTOBER 22, 1919 – Woodrow Wilson’s Stroke – Sick presidents are a moral danger to the entire nation and the world. Wilson and Roosevelt were mortally ill when the situation called for absolutely clarity.