ON THIS DAY – Woodrow Wilson’s Stroke

World War 1 delivered previously unseen horrors to humanity and set the course of Europe for decades to follow. Before the European powers would be destroyed after 400 years of expansion, there would be one more gigantic bonfire of death and the Jews of Europe would be wiped out forever.

American entry into WW1 had been opposed by the overwhelming majority of Americans and it had been the stated position of Democrat candidate Woodrow Wilson to keep the Americans out of the war, but the US entered the war anyway and 116,000 American men died there, more war dead than Korea and Vietnam combined. The Americans swung the balance of power, however, and refreshed the British and French lines while the Germans had no more young men to sacrifice.

After the war Wilson pursued the creation of an organization that was to replace the obviously flawed diplomatic arm of the world’s various governments. He helped design the League of Nations and traveled across the US to lobby the American congress which needed to ratify American membership to the new organization that many opposed because they thought of it as being a sort of ‘world government’ which they did not want.

On Oct 2, 1919 Wilson suffered a stroke that debilitated him for the rest of his life. In the days that followed, his wife Edith cut off access to the president and began to screen his paperwork. What decisions he made after the stroke and what was made by Edith Wilson or his cabinet is unknown. He did not serve another term and died a few years later.

Franklin Roosevelt was not a well man when he was elected to the President in 1932 at the height of the Great Depression. By 1945, he was in even worse condition and yet he was the Commander in Chief of the US military that had entered World War 2 and was winning but was abutted against the Soviets.

Reports of Roosevelt in the final months of his life indicate that he was not fully cognizant and would stop in mid-sentence and stare blankly ahead. This was the guy that Joseph Stalin met with and how much of the world was lost to the tyrannical communist powers because Stalin rightfully determined that the Americans under Roosevelt would not oppose Soviet annexation of Eastern Europe is unknown. Roosevelt had a stroke and died in April 1945, just a few weeks before Hitler took his own life and the war in Europe ended, and with it, the end of Europe as a force on the world.

This brings us to Joe Biden. Biden has been in government for 50 years and there is plenty of video of him over the years. Anyone who cares to can observe footage of President Biden and Senator Biden can see that Joe Biden is diminished. He has taken to openly admitting that ‘he’ll get in trouble’ for answering press questions or talking without permission. Perhaps Joe Biden has had some mini-strokes. His way of walking looks very unsteady to me and his manners are that of a very old man who is in ill-health. If he was to suffer a stroke of the kind Woodrow Wilson suffered, he would surely be kept, as Wilson was, in seclusion and whoever is decided critical policy now would go on doing so. Diminished Presidents have dire consequences for the country and we have one now as we did in 1919.

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Roosevelt in the final months of his life was negotiating the post World War 2 landscape which the Soviets would dominate Eastern Europe.