THINGS THAT WORK: Being Your Own Expert

What do the following procedures have in common?

Bloodletting (deliberately cutting open veins and allowing blood to flow out)

Trepanning (drilling holes in skulls)

Lobotomy (severing connections in the frontal cortex of the brain)

Chelation (injecting mercury into the body)

These were all medical therapies endorsed by doctors and offered to people to alleviate their pain or heal their sicknesses. In all cases, they were destructive, and often, deadly. They were abandoned after being offered as cures for decades.

But that was a long time ago, right? Not exactly; lobotomies were common until the late 1960s. Destructive medical procedures are with us today and possibly more widespread than ever. Consider the following:

Thalidomide was invented in 1952 and given to women without there having ever been a test to see how it might affect pregnancy. It wasn’t until thousands of children were born without completely developed arms and legs that the drug was discontinued.  Drugs have side effects that are known and unknown, but they are still available.

An orchidectomy is surgery to remove a man’s testicles, and it was recommended as a way to prevent prostate cancer when it was thought that testosterone caused prostate cancer. And yet there is this:

A 2016 meta-analysis of research found no relationship between a man’s testosterone level and his risk of developing prostate cancer. Another review of studies showed that testosterone therapy doesn’t increase the risk of prostate cancer or make it more severe in men who have already been diagnosed.

So, the current state of research is that prostate cancer is more complicated than just testosterone, but there are some unknown numbers of men who had their balls cut off, and are still having it done today. The CancerResearchUK website offers this observation:

Orchidectomy is not reversible. You may find the removal of your testicles upsetting.

What about widely proscribed drugs referred to as statins? Statins are also known as HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors and they are meant to lower LDL cholesterol, the so-called “bad” cholesterol, and that would, in theory, decrease the likelihood of a heart attack. Statins have known side effects, including liver damage and the increased chance of the patient becoming a Type 2 diabetic, which perversely, increases the likelihood of a heart attack. So, do statins lower the likelihood of a heart attack or increase the likelihood? Well, you’d have to be sure that LDL cholesterol was truly linked to heart disease to affirm the drug to begin with, and there is certainly not 100% agreement that such a connection is there. A particular statin, Lipitor, was recalled after it was revealed that the side effects were significant and the harm possibly worse than the benefit. Statins were once promoted by their manufacturer as being the answer to the decades-long increase in heart disease in Americans, and yet after decades of stains, heart disease is still with us, as is Type-2 diabetes.

Finally, there is the long, sad story of antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs that have been the object of billions of dollars in profit for their manufacturers. In the same period, the incidence of diagnosed mental illness in the United States has increased and millions of people have been declared disabled by the Social Security Administration due to mental illness. Either these drugs are wildly ineffective, or they are the problem. I maintain that these drugs are the ‘trepanning’ of our day.

One could go on and on about medical disaster because the list of abandoned medical practices is a long one, and what they all have in common is that some researcher and doctor promoted it.

The conclusion should be obvious: the medical establishment is as dangerous as it is helpful. Western scientific medicine performs miracles now and again: antibiotics are wonder drugs that have saved countless millions. There are great doctors and even selfless doctors.

But, there is corruption in the sciences that is deep and wide. They will do harmful things, even if the people down the information line don’t know it. It has been known for years that antidepressants take short term problems and make them chronic but they are easy to get and widespread. Ths should be shocking:

During 2015–2018, 13.2% of Americans aged 18 and over reported taking antidepressant medication in the past 30 days. Antidepressant use was higher among women than men in every age group. Use increased with age, in both men and women. Almost one-quarter of women aged 60 and over (24.3%) took antidepressants.,Summary,in%20both%20men%20and%20women.

Everything has been declared to be a carcinogen and new pills are introduced with shocking regularity. The medical establishment has cooperated with the drug business to ‘medicalize’ regular behavior in order to gets pills passed through. Would any teacher or parent describe an unruly child as having ‘Attention Deficient Disorder” in any period of the past? This is monstrous. What benefit does a child receive if they are medicated into compliance?

The nutrition sciences are no better. The science behind insulin and fat accumulation is deep and wide, and yet every American has been subjected to ‘fat-free’ marketing and ‘part of a heart-healthy breakfast’ quasi-medical propaganda. What harm ‘attention deficient disorder’ drugs and sugar-filled breakfast cereals have done to kids will never been calculated, but it is there.

The bottom line is that NONE of the experts in any health industry should be trusted as undisputed experts. Lawyers, doctors, accountants, and the entire professional classes including the semi-pros, like teachers and dental hygienists, must be evaluated for what they are; people, just like the rest of us. They are motived by their own interests, and some are better at their jobs than others. They might save you, and they might kill you. Financial advisors could make you rich or bankrupt you. The right lawyer can get you out of jail or subject you to legal peril. They are none to be trusted without questions and if possible, second and third opinions so they are adversarial to each other. Only in that way can the truth be deducted, and no one is responsible for getting to that truth but you.

These professionals will take advantage of the old, infirm, and unintelligent. The regulations are there to protect THEM, not the other way around. It is sad, and no one wants to believe it, that the ‘caring professions’ are predatory, but it is true and accepting it is the only path to safety. Your body is your original and only true possession. Don’t trust doctors and experts with it. Do your own research and look out for yourself, because they are looking out for themselves.

You must become conversant in several subjects to protect yourself. It is the only way. When they come at you with extreme cures, such as cutting off your balls, reconsider. Being told that you need some pill for your lifetime is surely of more benefit to the doctor than to you. It’s your life and your body so refuse to move forward until you has a deeper understanding of what you’re being told.

Here is a tiny sample of doctor ads for cigarettes, which is something to bear in mind. they knew these devices were deadly but hey were paid to lend their trusted authority to the tobacco industry. :