What Would Charlie Do?

This short series looks at the many ways in which Charles Manson and his cultish ‘family’ foreshadowed what was to come, how his influence effected many lives, and speculates what he’d be like now if he was to return. The period of his emergence as a murder suspect and cult leader was also the period in which the counterculture began to march towards being the dominate culture. He was, in many malignant ways, ahead of his time, and his practices a preview of what was to come.

Part 1: Change Comes Slow Then Fast

Part 2: Turning Points

Part 3: Midnight in the Golden Garden of Hollywood

Part 4: Charlie’s Girls

Part 5: Controlling the Men

Part 6: A Feral Child in a Philosophy Store

Part 7: Pagan Environmentalism

Part 8: The Story That Is Never Done

Part 9: Siding With Charlie

Part 10: We’re All Charlie Now


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